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Learning is a wonderful experience right from Nursery in SVM. The school is well known for its quick adaptation of the latest techniques in the learning process meant especially for the Nursery kids. One such innovative approach is “THEME”
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Denim Back Pack good style hunting “Theme” is the highlight of our curriculum. Every month a theme is introduced. In our monthly planner, we have Shloka, Prayer, Value of the month, Personality of the month, Magic words, Special Day, Skill for the month in Language and Communication, Rhymes, Songs, I Stories: Classic/ Theme/ Historic, Thinking skills, Picture talk, Movie of the month, Journal entry, Sight words, New words that I can learn, JeneralKnowledge and Tummy treat.
This method helps to have a holistic development in the children, kindles their creativity and imagination, improves their conversational skills and communication. With the help of Audio/Visual Educational Aids the child can understand the theme better.

Personality Of The Month:

Every month an eminent personality’s contribution to the well-being of the society is being taught and their portrait has been made familiar to the young ones.

Magic Words:

To learn about the manners, four to five phrases are introduced like Excuse me, Sorry, May I come in? , Thank you, etc., every month.

Special Day:

The last Friday of every calendar month is celebrated as ‘Special Day’. This is conducted to inform the kids on specific topics based on various themes for ex: Mango Day, Environment Day, Dolls Day, Festival Day, Culture &Heritage, Harvest Day, etc. This activity develops focused thinking & deeper awareness of the topic. Moreover, it gives them lot of fun as well as hands on skills. On this day, we display models, charts, and crafts made by the kids and all the activities are facilitated by the teachers.

Communication Skills:

Language and Vocabulary have been highlighted in this. Letters and words are taught by phonetics with the help of flash cards which aids to improve their vocabulary. For example, Alphabet A has 20 different words along with the related pictures i.e. A – Arrow, Axe, Acorn, etc. All those 20 words of each alphabet are compiled to a picture dictionary and are given to children to improve their word power.

Rhymes And Songs:

Rhymes and songs of English, Hindi, and Kannada are being taught rhythmically.

I See, I Wonder:

Students are taught with the help of teaching aids about the changes in the environment and the causes for the changes. Ex.: How does a rainbow appear? How &Why? make the children curious enough to learn more things.

I Do:

Eye co-ordination and fine motor skills are developed through their class activities where in we have paper tearing- to enhance pincer hold/grip, paper folding (origami), sequential beading- to enhance fine motor skills, and free hand drawing and colouring, while encouraging them to use the ‘Best out of waste’ method all through.


* Theme story
* Classic story
* Historic story
The stories are taught with puppets, dramatization of the stories with voice modulation, where in the child is also involved.

Thinking Skills:

Simple topics are given to kindle their imagination and creativity. For example, How does a lamp glow?

Picture Talk

Related to the monthly theme, pictures are shown and the children are asked to say a few lines about what they see in that picture. This enhances their skill of expression.

Movie Of The Month:

The children are shown Audio Visuals about a particular theme such as Independence Day, Festivals, Heritage, etc which are compiled by the skillful teachers. From this, the children get more clarity about the topic.

Active Participation:

Collective work by children and teachers like Rangoli, Kite Day, Fancy Dress, Model display, Props related to the monthly theme, and Speeches encourage the kids for active participation with an open mind.

Tummy Treats:

Children are asked to bring snacks that symbolize the theme of the month like on Freedom Day they were asked to bring any snack of saffron, green and white colour (Tri-colour sandwich, groundnuts, etc.).

Sight Words:

Every month few words are displayed in the class room as ‘sight words’ which are taught & revised very often so that those common words will be used by children without any difficulty or hesitation. Ex: I, the, an, am, in, on, me, mine etc.

Journal Entry:

This activity shows the hidden qualities & their inclination towards free hand drawing. Children identify themselves in those pictures & exhibit their creativity. Free hand art & craft help them to improve in
* Fine & gross motor skills
* Visual & spatial perception
* Use & understanding of colours
* Communication of reality, fantasy, creativity & beauty
* Emotional expression
* Self-esteem & confidence

New Words That I Can Learn:

To make them familiar with new words, sentences are framed with those words and the usage of new words is explained to the children. Every month a minimum 10 new words are introduced which are related to the theme of the month.

Sports And Games:

Sports & Games promote motor, cognitive, language, emotional, social & moral development. It kindles fine & gross motor skills, visual & motor coordination.
* Attention
* Quick reaction time
* Body balance
* Social-following rules & pro social behavior
* Moral: against antisocial behavior
* Problem solving
* Relaxation & enjoy

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